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Acronis Backup is a fast, scalable and reliable backup solution for files, applications, and complete systems. By partnering with one of the leading names in backup solutions we have made it easy to incorporate cloud data protection into your infrastructure setup, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business while knowing that your data is safe and secure.

Easy to manage

Stress-free backup management that is easy to deploy and scale through a single intuitive web-based console.


Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest and is secured in SSAE-16 certified global data centers.


Leaseweb provides a complete solution for all of your IT infrastructure and data protection with simple and transparent pricing.

How does it work?

The intuitive cloud-based web console allows you to manage all of the data protection measures for your entire organization from one place. With no installation required, the easy-to-use dashboard provides peace of mind with just a couple of clicks.

Acronis Backup works with all of our Dedicated Servers, Elastic Compute and our Virtual Private Servers.

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Three Step Backup


Log in to a unified cloud console from wherever you are, wherever your data is stored.


Install and deploy agents easily with one-click using the simplified backup console.


Customize policies and manage backup for your entire organization on a single web-based console.

Key Features

Flexible cloud backup

Seamless and fast customizable cloud backup and recovery for anything from a single file, to an entire server. Incremental and compression backup help save your resources.

Backup to Multiple Data Center Locations

You can choose where you want your data to be backed-up. With a large selection of global data centers, your backups are easily accessible from everywhere in the world.

Reliable Technologies

With SSAE-16 certified data centers at your disposal, AES-256 encryption and 2048-bit SSL management channel encryption, you can be sure that your backups are protected from harm, providing you peace of mind.

Detailed Features

Flexible and scalable cloud backup
Disk image file-based backup
Off-site backup to the Cloud
Recovery of any platform from cloud
Backup and recovery of selected files, folders, volumes, or a complete system
Backup of Windows® servers and Linux® servers
Backup of Microsoft SQL Server®, Exchange, SharePoint®, Active Directory®
Application-aware restore provides database-level recovery of Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server® and System State backup
Granular object-level recovery for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint databases
Incremental and differential backups, and deduplication and compression
Disk-to-disk-to-cloud backup staging support
Customize backup and retention policies to suit your business and IT needs
Customer self-service backup monitor to control backups
Customer centralized views of activities and alerts
Use a single console to protect all your data wherever it is stored
2048-bit SSL management channel encryption
AES-256 data encryption in transit and at rest
Increased security with network based login restrictions


Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and Elastic Compute

For the above products, you can reserve a certain amount of data for your cloud backup system and which you can share among all your Leaseweb hosted infrastructure.

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Flexible cloud backup for Dedicated Servers & Elastic Compute.