Why Leaseweb Multi-CDN?

We know that uptime, reliability, and speed are important for your business, in order to deliver high quality content and the best user experience. The Leaseweb Multi-CDN combines multiple Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers to increase your global reach.

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How Does it Work?

Leaseweb uses an optimized strategy that leverages performance metrics in the decision-making process. This means that the CDN chosen is the "best" performing CDN, which has received the highest score across several metrics. We analyze the recent measurement of QoE metrics within a specific region, for a specific piece of content, considering the ISP and device of the end-user intending to access the content. The metrics we use come from different suppliers, and the platform is built to be agnostic for this.

Content delivered with a Multi-CDN

Advanced self-service portal

The Leaseweb Multi-CDN portal enables you to configure all the extensive features needed to optimize content distribution through seamless CDN integration.

Unified Reporting

Across the different CDNs being used, all key metrics are aggregated and presented in a standardized way.

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Access up to 300+ PoPs across the globe, including Europe, US, South America, the Middle East, Africa, India, China, Russia and Australia.

Unmatched capacity

Any spike can be handled using up to 9 global CDNs, including peer-to-peer delivery.

24/7 Support

Direct contact with our Support Team for 24/7 support plus an always available Knowledge Base.


Multi-Delivery Volume

Built to switch on latency in a cost-effective way. For delivery of high volumes at a reasonable cost, using a selected number of connected CDNs.

Multi-Delivery Premium

Built to switch on high performance and high availability. Next to latency, we will also factor in the quality of experience metrics. Multi-Delivery uses a larger set of connected CDNs with premium delivery in all regions.

Why Jet-Stream Chooses Leaseweb services?

Since working with Leaseweb, Jet-Stream has scaled out of the Netherlands and beyond while achieving improved infrastructure performance and formidable international growth. “If Leaseweb disappeared tomorrow,” says van der Ziel, “we would have a big issue. Our growth wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

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CDN Providers

We have carefully selected the CDN providers listed below, based on their capacity, global reach, and reputation.

G-Core Labs

Multi-CDN Success Stories

  • Hardwell

    "I think Leaseweb is one of the only providers we know that is so open-minded to our ideas and even if we come up with something that looks really impossible, we always find a solution and just go for it.”

    • CDN
    • Colocation
    • Dedicated Server
    • Network
  • Jet-Stream

    “Leaseweb provides an excellent international network where we can have our racks redundantly and remote hands when we need them. We haven't found this combination anywhere else.”

    • SaaS
    • CDN
    • Colocation
    • Dedicated Server
    • Network
  • Jodel

    "Leaseweb Dedicated Servers are helping us roll out our products with an effective use of our resources and with more predictability for our business.”

    • Startups
    • CDN
    • Dedicated Server
    • Network
  • Nice People At Work

    "We chose to align ourselves with Leaseweb because of the sheer speed and potency of their next-generation CDN and scalability of their CloudStack-based private cloud."

    • MarTech
    • AdTech
    • CDN
    • Dedicated Server
    • Elastic Compute
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Private Cloud


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More info about the Multi-CDN product. Outlines the specs, pricing and benefits.