TOPdesk is an independent, international provider of service management solutions based in Delft. They are a proud, young, innovative organization with commitment, trust and respect for each other and their customers.
Delft, the Netherlands
500 -1000

The Customer

TOPdesk is one of the fastest growing service management providers worldwide. The software developer focuses mainly on service management solutions for IT, FM and HR processes. More than 4,000 companies worldwide use TOPdesk's service management software every day to process requests, complaints and incident reports. Since 2007, TOPdesk has also offered a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in addition to a conventional local installation. This SaaS solution not only offers customers new benefits, but also open a world of new opportunities for the company to expand globally.

TOPdesk recognized the potential of SaaS back in 2007 and saw it as a way to build closer relationships with customers and expand. However, the company did not have the infrastructure to host it for its growing customer base.


Having hosted its SaaS solution on its own hardware in Leaseweb's data centers, TOPdesk quickly realised that its expertise lay in developing service management software, not hosting it. TOPdesk wanted to continue to focus on its core competencies, improving customer experience, and not be distracted by cloud hosting to enable rapid growth. The company needed a cloud infrastructure partner that could help them scale as they grew, and also provide a highly reliable and secure cloud hosting service to maintain the trust of TOPdesk users. Uptime, scalability, data security and availability were at the forefront of the requirements profile. TOPdesk was also looking for a cloud hosting partner with a personalized approach and the ability to provide infrastructure for global expansion. customers of the integrity of the SaaS solution.

Key requirements:

"Leaseweb is a reliable partner when it comes to technical solutions, but also in advising on legal and cultural issues that arise when scaling."

Bill Jorge Dias Vera-Cruz, Manager Platforms, TOPdesk


To meet all of TOPdesk's needs, Leaseweb developed a hybrid cloud solution that combines private cloud, bare-metal servers, storage, and supported with advanced SLAs. This enables TOPdesk to scale quickly as needed, with the exact performance and flexibility to handle any workload.

The Leaseweb solution ensures a modern customer experience with low latency and high performance. In addition, Leaseweb's data security measures and certifications ensure total reliability, while Leaseweb's service model enables efficient troubleshooting when needed. Leaseweb also provides hosting certification support to assure TOPdesk customers of the integrity of the SaaS solution.

Project highlights

  • Improving availability
  • Optimization of latency
  • Global scalability

"We look forward to further global expansion and development of our services to run on Leaseweb's infrastructure.”

Jeroen Boks, CIO, TOPdesk

Meet our expert

Yogdeep Sharma

Account Manager for Benelux

Yogdeep is a Key Account Manager for the Benelux region. Based in Amsterdam, he is responsible for key accounts and ensuring his clients are happy with Leaseweb's products and services. If the company offers new products, it is also his job to identify opportunities and present them to his clients. Yogdeep has over 20 years experience in the telecom and IT industries, having previously worked for KPN and Tele2 as a Corporate Account Manager. He studied economics at the Hogeschool van Utrecht and completed several sales, business development, and account management courses. In his spare time, he likes to ski and enjoys playing soccer.