Per this Legal Announcement as herewith duly provided to all Customers, the following B2B Sales Contract Schedules have been amended per versions of 1 November 2022, including also other minor edits for your ease of use and transparency as follows:

  1. the Support and Service Levels for the newly launched Leaseweb Object Storage Services are included in the Support and Service Levels for our Leaseweb Netherlands Sales Entity (Clause 17 Support and Service Levels)
  2. for the avoidance of doubt, further clarification is provided at the “Effects of Termination” that during a notice period, the Customer can use a standard five (5) Business Days Customer data migration period for its Customer migration of any of its Customer data (and End-User data) before termination of the Sales Contract and before Leaseweb can wipe the Equipment  (unless the Customer is in breach with Policies and/or other obligations causing immediate termination or lack or notice ) per Clause 22.2 (b) Sales Terms and Conditions.

Any amendments included in the B2B Sales Contract Schedules of each separate Leaseweb Sales Entities will be applicable to all Customers taking into account the required notice period of fourteen (14) days in advance for being automatically effective to all (existing and new) Sales Contracts.

This Legal Announcement and Sales Contract Schedules including these amendments are made available for the Leaseweb Sales Entities as herewith notified and listed on this website.

Leaseweb Canada Inc. is glad to announce its name change (formerly known as iWeb Techologies Inc) and enhanced sales system launch for the Customer’s benefit. The Leaseweb Sales Contract Schedules which are part of your Sales Contracts with Leaseweb Canada Inc will be updated with the formal Leaseweb Sales Entity name of Leaseweb Canada Inc, without any entity changes continuing under the same entity and Canada Federal Jurisdiction number nr 868471-5. These Leaseweb Sales Contract Schedules, consisting of Leaseweb Sales Terms and Conditions, Services Specifications, Support and Service Levels and Policies will be fully and automatically applicable as per February 1, 2023 to all (existing and new) Sales Contracts. Please see for more information. The Sales Contract Schedules make sure that the new contract flow is well documented therein, also corresponding with the Customer Portal for your ease of use.

Sales Contract

To use our products or services, you must first enter into a contract with the relevant Leaseweb entity. The contract documentation generally consists of Sales Terms and Conditions, Policies, the Services Specifications, and the Support and Service Levels.

Sales Term and Conditions

The Sales Term and Conditions shall apply to all quotations and (web) orders related to the provision of services and/or products by Leaseweb.

Acceptable Use Policy

Leaseweb aims to promote a high level of responsible behavior in connection with the use of its Products and Services. For this purpose, Leaseweb has created the Acceptable Use Policy.

Services Specifications

The Services Specifications shall apply to all quotations and (web) orders related to the provision of services and/or products by Leaseweb.

Support and Service Levels

The Support and Service Levels shall apply to all quotations and (web) orders related to the provision of services and/or products by Leaseweb.

The Leaseweb Support and Service Levels set forth the performance metrics such as service levels, response times, service windows and availability of services provided by Leaseweb. In addition, this Support and Service Levels defines the service credits that a Leaseweb customer may be eligible to, in case Leaseweb does not meet the agreed performance metrics.

Please note with respect to COVID-19: The Customer could have reasonable knowledge and awareness with respect to the COVID-19 events at the moment of requesting Leaseweb to submit a Quotation and/or Order for Services and/or entering into this Sales Contract: therefore Force Majeure is not applicable to this Sales Contract and Customer cannot claim any rights under Force Majeure with respect to the COVID-19 event and remains fully obligated to perform all of its obligations of the Sales Contract, including payment.