When it comes to running a successful e-commerce business, you need three things: speed, reliability, and security. Our e-commerce experts have worked with leading global businesses to develop cloud hosting solutions that address the industry’s specific requirements. With a comprehensive, hybrid ready product portfolio, iron clad cybersecurity solutions, 99.999% core uptime, and an extensive global network that lets you reach your customer no matter where they are, we make sure your business is always open and that your customers are happy.

Instant Scalability

Ready to launch a new promotion? Preparing for the holiday rush? We make it quick and easy to deploy new virtual or dedicated servers to meet peaks in demand. With our custom API, you can do it all right from your own device. And because you can scale up and down as you need to, you’ll only pay for what you use. This lets you easily grow to meet user demand, while keeping down costs and increasing your profits.


As an E-commerce company every second of downtime can mean thousands in lost revenue, and a decrease in customer satisfaction. That’s why we have expert support engineers with a deep understanding of the technical and business needs of E-commerce companies, and a range of comprehensive SLAs to guarantee that your business is always up and running.

Better Customer Experience

Your customers demand a seamless online shopping experience. Even an extra second of loading time can mean the difference between a completed order and an abandoned cart. Our extensive global network and available next-generation CDN ensure your website loads at lightning fast speeds no matter where your customers are.

Great Price to Performance Ratio

The need to continually invest in new technology along with ever shifting market demands mean that on premise hosting can quickly become a major financial burden for most e-commerce companies. Our global cloud hosting solutions remove the weight of capital expenditures, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and ensuring that you always have the latest technology, freeing you to invest in growing your business.

Flexible & Hybrid Ready

Leaseweb offers you complete flexibility to work with you favorite e-commerce platform. Because different workloads perform better on different architectures, we provide a choice of powerful dedicated servers, public and private clouds, CDN, cybersecurity, and hybrid solutions to optimize your e-commerce infrastructure and provide your customers with the best experience.

Global Presence

Leaseweb has a global reach, so you need to be able to provide your customer with the same online experience no matter where in the world they are. Our global network delivers 99.999% core uptime and 5.5 Tbps bandwidth to deliver optimal performance. And because of our fully redundant architecture and 16 state of the art data centers, you can count on us to deliver uncompromising resiliency and high availability for your online business.

Products and Services

Dedicated Servers

Raw power of your own that makes even the most processor-intensive workloads fly. Our dedicated servers come in two options: preconfigured with instant delivery, or fully customizable.

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Scalable virtualized solutions that can grow as fast as you do. From hosting a website to large scale enterprise applications, we have a cloud hosting solution for any workload or requirement.

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Use the power and size of our global network to make your website and videos fly. Combining our hardware and network expertise, our CDN delivers lightning-fast, secure performance for an affordable price.

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Cyber Security

Protect web applications from DDoS attackers with cost effective but comprehensive security solutions. Our Web Application Firewall and DDoS IP protection services are easy to set up and use.

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E-Commerce Customers

  • Intrastores

    "Intrastores continues to experience rapid growth and tightly manages capacity through a highly advanced and global infrastructure from Leaseweb at very competitive prices."

    • E-Commerce
    • Dedicated Server
    • Private Cloud
    • VMware vSphere Private Cloud
  • Kelkoo

    “We have built a personal relationship with the people at Leaseweb after working together for almost 10 years. We feel like we really have a partner we can trust.”

    • E-Commerce
    • Colocation
    • Network

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